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Welcome to Goddess Moves, a newsletter for and about people who follow in the Goddess tradition. Thank you to all who were interested and have contributed to this newsletter.

Updated 07/11/2008

Greetings All!

I hope your summer is going well.

Mine has been a summer of major changes. Children becoming adults and going off on their own...what an adventure!

I will be back to write more, but till then please view the wonderful video below. Thank you Thistle for sharing this with me!

Click here to join inthegoddesswetrust
Click to join inthegoddesswetrust

Speech by a school girl in UN conference on environment - You Tube

Check out the singing sensation!
Sisters In Harmony

A thank you to Kent Forward for allowing me to use his WONDERFUL music.
You can listen to more of his music and purchase his CD "Wonderlust" at:

All of Kent's works are covered under copywrite laws and are used here under permission.

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